Transys Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Integrated & Actionable Strategies
 About Us 

Transys Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a Consulting Organisation specialising in Traffic and Transport Planning, Highways, Expressways, Rural roads, Structures, Urban and Regional Infrastructure Development.

Transys Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provides comprehensive consultancy services in the fields of Planning for improvement / upgrading of road systems, Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering, Economic and Financial Analysis, Project Management, Pre-bid advisory etc.

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 Services Overview 

Transys expertise spans all facets of highway and bridge engineering from low cost village roads, feeder roads to highways/ expressways and bridges/viaducts, across the toughest terrain in contrasting climatic conditions and routes through, tropical rain forests and hill areas. The spectrum of consultancy encompasses the following:
  • Pre-bid advisory services
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies
  • Detailed engineering designs & Value-engineering
  • Urban & Regional Planning and Design
  • Traffic & Transport planning studies

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